The children of an American pastor jailed in Iran since 2012 have made an emotional plea to President Obama to help secure the freedom of their father, Saeed Abedini, reported this weekend.

The YouTube video shows Rebekka and Jacob Abedini pleading for help in bringing their dad home.

“I miss him so much,” Rebekka says in the video, posted last week.

“I don’t want him to miss another birthday or Christmas or Father’s Day,” Jacob adds.

Abedini, 33, is in his second year of an eight-year prison sentence for allegedly evangelizing in his homeland.

Abedini’s family is from Boise, Idaho, where his wife Naghmeh has been organizing a worldwide effort to pressure the Iranian government to release her husband.

Naghmeh Abedini, along with Jay Sekulow - the chief counsel at the American Center for Law & Justice who has worked on Abedini's case for years - joined Martha MacCallum this morning.

Mrs. Abedini said her husband's absence is getting "more painful" on her kids, as her daughter prepares to celebrate her 8th birthday, which will be the third in a row without her father. She said by making the video, she hopes to show the president and the world how tough this has been on her children.

"I hope President Obama and others see this and say, how can we get him home? How can we get him home so the kids don't go through another day missing their dad and going through this torture?" said Abedini.

Sekulow said Obama asked the Iranian president for Abedini's release, but not much has happened since.

"The president, who has directly asked for his release, should now demand it. No longer ask, demand the release of this pastor, period," said Sekulow, adding that Iran has an "opportunity to build some form of goodwill."

He noted that Iran has called ISIS - which has attacked Christians in Iraq - a terror group, yet has imprisoned the pastor for no other reason than his Christian faith.

Watch the interview above.