Are targeted airstrikes enough to stop ISIS? Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “Fox and Friends” to weigh in.

Peters said that he is glad that President Barack Obama is doing something, however belatedly and small. Still, he said we’re not doing anything to stem the strategic offensive that ISIS has launched.

“President Obama always wants to get off on the cheap. He wants to do the minimum. And by doing the minimum in this case – the bare minimum – he sacrificed one of the great advantages military men have when they go to war or into a conflict, and that’s surprise.”

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According to Peters, the U.S. needed to hit ISIS hard, fast and in depth. Instead, we have essentially warned them, which will not be enough to stop the threat to Iraq, Syria, and even the U.S.

Peters described ISIS – or Islamic State – as a new kind of threat.

“This has gone beyond Islam. This is a new, apocalyptic death cult that’s burst out of Islam.”

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Peters said that the closest historic parallel to ISIS is the Aztecs, who celebrated mass murder for the gods.

“Even the Nazis didn’t film public beheadings and broadcast them,” he said.

Peters said that ISIS is “beyond Islam, it’s beyond any religion, it’s a blood cult, a death cult.”

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