Earlier today, we learned that a verdict is expected to be announced in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial on September 11.

On Happening Now this afternoon, Fox News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin and defense attorney Diana Aizman weighed in on what they think Pistorius' fate will be.

If found guilty of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the double-amputee sprinter could face 25 years to life in prison.

Pistorius said he mistakenly shot Steenkamp through the closed door of a toilet cubicle, thinking there was an intruder in his home. The prosecution alleges he intentionally killed her after an argument.

Colwin expects a guilty verdict, but the question will be whether the judge will find there was premeditation. Aizman doesn't like Pistorius' chances at acquittal either, pointing out that the judge has ruled harshly in the past in domestic violence cases.

Aizman also does not believe Pistorius' theatrics in the courtroom, including loud sobbing, has helped his case.

Watch their full analysis of the proceedings above.