Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) responded this morning on Fox and Friends to President Obama's decision to authorize a humanitarian aid drop in northern Iraq and possible airstrikes on ISIS terrorists. Obama said airstrikes will be launched if ISIS fighters advance on U.S. personnel in Irbil, but emphasized that the U.S. will not "be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq."

Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran of the Iraq war, hit Obama for not having the "courage" to take more drastic military action to crush the ISIS advance. He commended the humanitarian mission, but argued that dire situations like this will continue to happen unless ISIS is stopped.

Kinzinger noted how cautious the president is on decisions like this, but worries about threats to the U.S. homeland if stronger action is not taken.

"There are hundreds of Western passports fighting for ISIS that are clean that could come back into Europe or the United States. it is their stated goal to attack us here at home. This is in our core interest, not only to prevent genocide, not only to save people, but to protect our homeland here," he said.

Kinzinger said he understands the idea of Americans being tired of war, but said Obama cannot rule out U.S. boots on the ground.

"The reality is we can't pick the world that we live in and we live in a world with very evil people that want to kill us, want to kill our families and want to right now create a genocide on 40,000 ethnic minorities. I wish we had a different world. We don't."