What are the odds? New reports indicate that more Obama administration emails are missing. This time the lost documents are being sought by House investigators looking into the botched ObamaCare launch.

The incident follows on the heels of the IRS claiming that key emails from Lois Lerner had been lost in a hard drive crash.

Here's more from FoxNews.com:

A key ObamaCare official involved in the rocky rollout of Healthcare.gov likely deleted some of her emails that are now being sought as part of an investigation into the problems by a House committee, Fox News confirmed Thursday.

The Department of Health and Human Services informed House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa in a letter Thursday that some of the emails belonging to Marilyn Tavenner, who leads the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, may not be “retrievable.”

The missing emails belonging to Tavenner, whose agency runs the ObamaCare exchanges, were first reported by msnbc.com.

Issa, whose committee is also dealing with a missing email problem in its probe into the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups, said it “defies logic” that multiple Obama administration officials are “ignoring” federal rules on records-keeping. 

“Yet again, we discover that this administration will not be forthright with the American people unless cornered,” he said.

HHS also informed the National Archives, which preserves government records, about the missing emails from Tavenner in a letter.

The Outnumbered panel, which included former "Superman" Dean Cain, took on this latest instance of document disappearance. Jedediah Bila pointed out that the excuse given was that the emails were deleted in order to keep Tavenner's overflowing inbox "orderly."

"I mean, you'd have to be an idiot to believe that. That is not acceptable. There are laws in place that say you have to hold on to those. What did you do? How are these people going to be held accountable? It is craziness!" she said.

Cain called it "insane," while Harris Faulkner questioned when a prosecutor will be brought in to look at these situations.

Kirsten Powers noted that emails seem to keep going missing "in that little window" of time that House investigators are interested in.

Watch the discussion above.