The U.S. on Friday afternoon launched a second round of airstrikes on ISIS militants in northern Iraq in an attempt to break a siege that has left tens of thousands of refugees stranded.

Greg Gutfeld sounded off on "The Five" today on the situation and how to best deal with violent militants like ISIS.

“There’s a misguided belief that humanitarian aid comes in the form of food and water. ‘Send them some MRE’s and they’ll be fine,’" Gutfeld said.

"But you can’t eat a meal when your head is on a stake. In a world in which death is the only language evil understands, bombs beat bread.”

He added that wherever the U.S. retreats from, that vacuum is filled only by monsters.

"Pacifists will shout about all the terrorists your bombs create," he said. "But their pacifism is directly proportional to their distance from death."

He asked if the deaths of Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden created new terrorists and asserted that “America’s ability to end conflict is the only thing the world’s got.”

He concluded that when confronted with terrorists such as ISIS, “Our response can only come from above in the shape of a 500-pound RSVP. For America is truly the bomb.”

Watch the monologue and hear what the hosts of “The Five” had to say in the video above.

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