Despite being shot three times when a gunman opened fire across a busy freeway, a California man pursued his assailant until officers could arrive.

Fox and Friends this morning reported on the incredible story and played the 911 call Kenneth Baker made as he hit speeds of up to 98 miles per hour in pursuit of the shooter.

“Yes, I’m hit. They took out my window and I think my arm is shot," he said to the dispatcher. "I’m trying to catch up to him now.”

Police arrested the gunman, who had no history with Baker or any apparent motive for the shooting, and booked him on charges of suspicion of attempted murder.

“I didn’t want this man to get away," Baker explained after the ordeal. "I knew that if he were to leave me or if I were to break off on the pursuit, that I would never see him again, and he would get away with his crime.” reported:

Shooting victim Ken Baker was transitioning from the I-5 to the 91 freeway Monday when another driver pulled a gun and began firing at him.

Bullets shattered the driver’s-side window of Baker’s vehicle, causing glass to burst into his face.

Baker then gave chase.

“It blew up in my face; I didn’t know what happened,” Baker recalled. “And I pursued the guy, and I got as far as probably Harbor Boulevard, and I noticed blood trickling down to my chest, and I realized possibly I’d been shot.”

Baker’s left arm was hit by three bullets, one of which also entered his chest through his ribcage.

Police Tuesday identified the suspected in the shooting as Jerry Valentin, 32, of Scottsdale, Ariz.

While Baker says he had never seen the man before, he did get a look at his weapon.

“I looked over and saw a man pointing something at me; it was two lanes over,” Baker said. “And I went in pursuit of the man from speeds from 65 to 95 (mph).”

Baker, a truck driver by trade, never let Valentin’s vehicle out of his sight during his pursuit, despite Valentin weaving through traffic to get away.

During the pursuit, Baker contacted a 911 dispatcher and relayed the details. CHP cruisers then sped to the 91 freeway, stopped Valentin and put him in handcuffs as Baker was wheeled to a hospital.

Watch the clip from Fox and Friends above.

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