ObamaCare was and still is a hot-button issue as we head toward the midterm elections.

Now, Bret Baier investigates how the new law is affecting New Hampshire, a state that has always prided itself on its independence and where this year's election will be key to determining which party controls the Senate.

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A lesbian opts out of Obamacare, questioning why she should pay for reproductive care she doesn’t want or need. A grandmother loses her doctor, and takes on the government. An entrepreneur worries about layoffs, and a young doctor retires rather than dealing with Obamacare.

But a young unwed mother of two champions the subsidized benefits of the law.

These are some of the stories we'll tell from the first year of ObamaCare in Fox News Reporting: Live Free or Die, hosted by Bret Baier.

Check out some sneak peek clips below, and watch the special on Friday at 10p/1a ET, Saturday at 10p/1a ET and Sunday at 8/11p ET on Fox News Channel.

Dean Kamen is one of the most well known inventors in the field of medical devices. He showed some of his inventions to Bret, but what about the future of medical innovation under ObamaCare?

"There are bean counters that see the cost of everything and the value of nothing," said Kamen.

"I think most of the people, on all sides of government, believe that in the end they're doing the right thing. The frustration to me is innovation requires that you take risks. And there's a whole lot of government that's primarily there to prevent change from happening.”

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One doctor named Joe Hannon was so outraged over the Affordable Care Act that he quit practicing medicine in Florida, moved to New Hampshire and is now running for state office as a Republican.