Concluding his week-long trip on the ground in Israel, Sean Hannity sat down for an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Hannity pointed out that Israel has received widespread international criticism for Palestinian civilian casualties, despite the fact that they have gone to great lengths to avoid those casualties.

Netanyahu noted those efforts have included dropping leaflets, sending text messages and "roof-knocking" with blank shells before a live strike.

He said that Hamas raises the issue of not just targeting Israeli civilians, but then hiding behind innocent Palestinians.

“You don’t give immunity to terrorists because they’re hiding in civilian areas while rocketing your civilian areas,” Netanyahu stated.

“We’re not only fighting a battle here for justice and for moral clarity, we’re fighting here a battle for the truth, for the facts. The facts are that Hamas is responsible for these human deaths and uses people as a human shield. And Hamas should be blamed for this and held accountable for this.”

Watch a must-see clip from the interview above.

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