Sean Hannity concluded his week-long trip on the ground in Israel with an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Hannity asked Netanyahu if America and the world at large fail to recognize the threat posed by radical Islam.

Netanyahu pointed out that there is abundant evidence of that, citing the rise of ISIS as the most recent example and warning that the threat will grow once infighting amongst radical Islamic groups stops.

“These people fight among themselves to see who will be king of the hill. But one thing they agree on: it’s going to be an Islamist hill.”

In the interview, Netanyahu also stated he believes that Israel and America are linked, not just by the course of history but also in the minds of terrorists.

“You’re the 'Great Satan.' You’re ultimately the target. They attack us because they believe that we are you and that you are us," he said.

"And in one sense of things, they are right. We are you and you are us. We are that enlightened, civilized, beleaguered democracy – not without fault – trying at best as we can to stop the hemorrhaging, protecting ourselves against these vile enemies.”

Watch a must-see clip from the interview above.

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