Sean Hannity has been on the ground in Israel all week, bringing us some powerful firsthand accounts of how the daily threat from Hamas impacts ordinary citizens. Concluding his trip, Sean sat down for an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu: 'Hamas Wants Civilian Deaths in Gaza for PR Fodder'

Netanyahu Spox: Hamas Tunnels Meant for 'Mass-Casualty Terror Attack'

One day after making a forceful defense of Israel's offensive in Gaza, Netanyahu will speak at greater length about the threat posed by Hamas.

Watch a sneak peek of the interview above, as Netanyahu explains why he believes Hamas must be stopped before the threat spreads around the world.

"This is a danger I’ve been pointing to. It’s not a spin, it’s not a whim, it is a clinical diagnosis of a pathological movement that is sweeping our area, but will soon come to a theater near you. And it has to be stopped now," he said.

Don't miss the big interview, tonight at 10p/1a ET on Hannity.

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