Earlier today, we showed you a few videos from Fox and Friends out of New Jersey in which a bear appears to be walking upright on its hind legs. Doubters, however, have questioned whether these videos are really showing a prankster in a bear costume.

VIRAL: Bear Walks Upright Through NJ Neighborhood (We Think)

Now we've seen a third one, shot in Oak Ridge, New Jersey last month, this afternoon on The Real Story. The man who shot it, Greg Macgowan, says he's "absolutely 100% positive that it's a real bear."

"If you see it with your own eyes, you can see it's not a man in a suit," he said.

Some witnesses speculated the bear may have injured his front paws, forcing it to only use its hind legs.

Watch the clip above, and the original YouTube video of the "bipedal bear" below: