During a press conference Wednesday, President Obama once again spoke about the possibility of taking executive action to deal with the crisis at the southern border. He was asked by ABC's Jonathan Karl whether he feels a "duty" to push the limits of executive power since Congress is failing to act.

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Obama maintained he is bound by the Constitution and the confines of his executive power, but said the American people don't want him to "twiddle his thumbs" and wait for Congress to agree on comprehensive immigration reform.

On Fox and Friends this morning, we heard the rebuttal of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who pointed out that the president first and foremost is supposed to enforce the law and according to the Constitution, the president has "clearly committed impeachable offenses."

"He took an oath faithfully to enforce the laws, which means all the laws whether he agrees with them or not. By not enforcing the immigration laws that are on the books, that Congress enacted, some of which he signed, that tell illegals 'you have to go' - by not enforcing them and by telling them what they can do in order to stay, that's the opposite of enforcing the law. That's telling people how to break it and how to get away with it," said Napolitano.

Napolitano added that the president can lawfully use the "bully pulpit" to sway public opinion to his side and demand action from Congress, like Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s.

He agreed with Ron Fournier of the National Journal, who argued on Special Report that Obama granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants would be a "nuclear bomb" that would further divide an already-polarized country.

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