Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told Shannon Bream that Vladimir Putin “is preparing to move in [to Ukraine] if he decides to do so.”

Peters said that Putin created the Ukrainian separatists, and if the rebels are defeated by Ukraine’s army, Putin will “lose a lot of street cred.”

Peters: ‘Kerry Has Again Flown to Middle East to Rescue Hamas’

According to Peters, President Barack Obama must show that he is firmly on the side of the Ukrainians. Peters speculated that Obama is “still reeling from his misplaced faith in Putin.”

“Our president trusted the Russians more than he trusted the American electorate,” he said.

Peters: 'Iraq Is Finished, Kerry Obsessed With Lines on a Map'

Peters said that the Russian military is “a bunch of rag bags,” and the Ukrainian military is hurting.

“It’s gonna be like a gun fight between blind men and a kindergarten. It’s gonna be really nasty," he said.

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