The full fury of Mother Nature comes to screens nationwide this Friday in the new film "Into the Storm." On In the FOXlight today, Michael Tammero gave us a preview of the movie, which follows a town as it is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes.

"If you think the special effects are cool, that's because most of them are real!" said Tammero.

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He spoke to the movie's stars on the red carpet about the intense filming, which included real water, ice and high-speed winds.

Tammero also chatted with some experts, Fox News meteorologist Maria Molina and professional storm chaser Reed Timmer.

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"The special effects look amazing. It’s our opportunity to go storm chasing and not have to drive 5,000 miles," Timmer said. 

Check it all out in the clip from Fox and Friends above and be sure to see "Into the Storm" in theaters.