New information coming in this morning on an insider attack on NATO troops in Afghanistan, which killed a U.S. major general and wounded 15 others. The wounded were mostly Americans and some German troops.

The gunman, wearing an Afghan military uniform, hid in a bathroom on the base and then jumped out and opened fire using a NATO machine gun, AP reports.

An Afghan military official told AP that the gunman was in his early 20s and was from an area of eastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border.

U.S. Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene was the highest-ranking service member to be killed in the 13-year-long war. The general was on a routine visit to a NATO facility that is used for the training of Afghan forces.

Read more on the slain general, a resident of upstate New York, in the New York Post.

Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) reacted this morning on America's Newsroom, noting there has been no "chatter" so far from the Taliban or Haqqani network claiming responsibility for the attack. North said the attacker could have been a radical Islamist who joined the Afghan security forces in order to wait for the right moment to carry out "jihad."

Watch his analysis above.