Tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Charles Krauthammer joined Bill O'Reilly to discuss troubling support for Hamas in America and Europe.

Krauthammer started by drawing a sharp distinction between European sympathizers and demonstrators and the American ones.

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"When it comes to Europe, I think the overwhelming factor is raw, negative, deep-seated anti-Semitism. This is 2,000-year-old anti-Semitism,” he said.

On the other hand, anti-Semitism is not a major problem in America, according to Krauthammer. “Of all the countries the Jews have lived in in 2,000 years, this is the most tolerant, friendly, loving country that the Jews have ever known.”

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Instead, he chalked some Americans' support of Hamas up to sheer ignorance, such as thinking that Gaza is still being occupied by Israel – it hasn’t since 2005 – or not knowing that Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews around the world.

"This is an openly genocidal organization," Krauthammer stated.

When O'Reilly mentioned the international humanitarian outcry that has arisen due to Palestinian civilian casualties, Krauthammer said that is by design of how the news is managed in Gaza.

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He said that Hamas does not allow the media to take or post photos of its operatives - living or dead - only women and children. He further cited statistics that the majority of Palestinian casualties in the first 16 days of the conflict were aged 17-39.

“What we’re talking about is an Israeli army that’s extremely careful to reduce the number of casualties if they can," Krauthammer said. "But, of course, if the headquarters of your enemies is in the basement of a hospital, and they’re shooting from the windows, what are you supposed to do?”

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