Things got heated on Outnumbered today as Andrea Tantaros and Geraldo Rivera clashed amid reports that Israel is winding down its operations in Gaza and considering pulling out without a cease-fire.

Rivera said Israel has used disproportionate force, and its killing of civilians - especially an airstrike that hit a U.N. school - has been a "travesty." He pointed out that tank shells should not have been used in precision strikes, as drones can target much more effectively and limit collateral damage.

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He added that this hurts Israel's credibility on the world stage and undermines support for the Jewish state.

Tantaros disagreed and said that Hamas puts weapons in schools and intentionally places civilians in harm's way. She criticized Rivera for acting as an "apologist for a terrorist organization."

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Rivera fired back, and the two went back and forth, with Rivera citing the massive numbers of civilian casualties and Tantaros stating that Hamas is at fault and pressing him about who's side he's on in this conflict.

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"You are unbelievable to defend Hamas," she said.

Rivera countered that those attitudes will not help solve any of Israel's or the world's problems and asked for her solution.

Tantaros said we should get out of Israel’s way, let them defend themselves and not make excuses for Hamas.

Watch the whole debate in the clip above, including the panel's discussion of Jon Voight's attack on Hollywood liberals. Plus, tune in tonight at 10p/1a ET as Sean Hannity reports from on the ground in Israel.

Israel Signals Scaling Back of Operations in Gaza