Sean Hannity reported live this morning from outside Tel Aviv, Israel, visiting an Iron Dome battery operated by the country's military. Even though a cease-fire is reported to be in effect right now, Hannity said that doesn't appear to be the case as he watches Israeli soldiers.

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He called it "surreal" to see multiple bomb shelters at playgrounds near the Gaza border. So far, the Iron Dome has done a great job protecting Israeli civilians against the roughly 3,000 rockets fired by Palestinian militants since the conflict began.

Hannity was asked by Steve Doocy about the level of support for Israel from the Obama administration. Sean said he'll have a lot more to say about the political side of things on his show, but described a much different perspective after landing at the airport and then immediately hearing about a "red alert" in the area because of an incoming rocket.

"I have a hard time understanding why there's any moral ambiguity here. I think this is a moment for moral clarity. If 3,000 rockets were fired into American cities, I know what I'd want my president to do, I know what I'd want our military to do. I'd want them to defeat the enemy, take out their infrastructure, and make sure they're not capable of doing it again in the future," he said.

Don't miss Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET as Sean gets an up-close look at how the Iron Dome operates and talks to Israeli soldiers. He'll also get to see some of the cross-border tunnels dug by Hamas.

Later this week, Hannity will have a must-see interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Watch Sean's report above and check out some tweets from on the ground below: