Does life get better when you hit 50?

A new TODAY Show “This is 50” survey found that people are more satisfied and less stressed in their 50s.

Turning 50? Find Out How to Cope!

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Hoda Kotb turns 50 this Saturday, and to celebrate, TODAY conducted an online survey of 1,500 people ages 45 to 69 to see what’s in store. The results show she could be having quite a party for quite a while — moshing optional.

Among our findings:

- Sixty-two percent of respondents in their 50s said they were satisfied with their lives, up from 57 percent of those in their late 40s.

- Marital satisfaction went up, and so did good vibes about relationships with children and parents.

- Finances looked better, too, with 71 percent living comfortably or having a little left over after expenses. That may be because they also said they’re spending less on their children and more on themselves.

- 50-somethings really do feel wiser and more balanced than they used to.

- And hello, free time: 66 percent said they had more leisure time and a similar number said they had more time with romantic partners and to learn new things.

While age 50 was once considered the death knell of living vibrantly, being 50 in 2014 is a brand new ballgame. In fact, nearly three-quarters of those in their 50s surveyed by TODAY say age 50 today really is younger than it was in their parents’ generation, and 70 percent say they feel younger than their age.

Research Reveals Secrets of 'Super Agers'

The hosts of "The Five" weighed in on this survey today.

Greg Gutfeld said that around 50 is when you start to see the end of your life nearing, so you try to convince yourself everything's great.

"He's like Woody Allen, don't listen to him about this," Bob Beckel said.

Kimberly Guilfoyle predicted she will be married again by the time she's 50.

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