Thousands of illegal immigrant minors rounded up at the Texas-Mexico border during the ongoing border crisis are being transported to various states around the U.S. to be fed, clothed and educated. The problem is that those states' governors are often the last to know, something Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) says must stop immediately.

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On Your World today, Fallin told Neil Cavuto the federal government said Oklahoma would host 1,200 minors, but she estimates it's already closer to 1,800.

Her state also doesn't know what countries these children are from, and it's been extremely difficult to get any information from the administration, according to Fallin, who added that Fort Sill has stopped training U.S. soldiers to function as an immigration center.

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“We just want President Obama to secure the border [and] send a signal to Central America that we’re not going to have an open border policy to migrant children,” she said.

Fallin isn't sure what will happen when the school year starts in a month, as many of these children could be enrolling in public schools. She also pointed to issues that will arise when some of these children turn 18 and are released into the community.

"What's the plan? What's the end game?" she asked. "Answer our questions. Why so much secrecy?"

Watch the clip above.

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