Bill O’Reilly tonight remarked on America’s weakness in his Talking Points Memo. O’Reilly blasted the U.S. for failing to take action against ISIS, which is 60 miles from Baghdad. He said that Obama said weeks ago that he was studying the situation, but we haven’t heard anything since.

“The Factor” host said Obama studies, analyzes, and then does nothing.

According to O’Reilly, there is fear in the air all over the world, citing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression and China’s threats to take islands that don’t belong to it.

Back home, the earning power of the American worker continues to decline, with medium income down about 7.3 percent since Obama has been in office. But the cost of gas has nearly doubled, and food prices are at their highest levels in history.

As a result, millions of Americans are turning to the government for financial support, raising the debt.

“The combined economic weakness of the debt and Americans’ diminishing earning power is a devastating story that the media has been derelict in telling,” O’Reilly said.

Then, he said there is social weakness.

“We are now living in a society that is largely secular where selfish pursuits and narcissistic behavior are on the rise,” he said, citing Americans’ addiction to texting and social media, as well as the crusade to legalize pot.

According to O’Reilly, Americans are being subject to a subpar education.

“We no longer teach children discipline, values or perspective. Instead, the kids are immersed in cyberspace, subjected to all kinds of pernicious behavior that in the past they could not access,” he said.

O’Reilly charged the “have-nots” with demanding more from the “haves.”

“Rather than laying a road map of self-reliance, liberal politicians and the media encourage social justice and income redistribution,” he said.

O’Reilly said that in his 40 years in the media business, he has never seen America weaker than it is today.

Watch the full memo above.

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