Atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation is claiming a major victory after getting the IRS to agree to probe churches.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said the atheist group basically wants churches to not only refrain from endorsing politicians but also from discussing public policy.

“That is absolutely un-American,” he said. “The country was founded when ministers and priests and rabbis preached secession. The country was advanced forward when they preached abolition from slavery.”

Adams: Atheist Group 'Wants to Use IRS As Weapon Against Christianity’

IRS Strikes Deal With Atheists to Target Religious Political Activity

Napolitano said churches have every right to encourage parishioners, worshippers and congregants to go in a certain political direction. He said the IRS has no business going to churches, writing down what is said, and punishing them for it.

“That’s shades of the other side of the pond and Stalin and East Germany. That’s not America,” he said.

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