New surveillance footage reveals a missing Oregon mother may have boarded a ferry to a remote island in Washington state, 300 miles from where she mysteriously vanished nearly two weeks ago, but her family has been unable to watch the video.

Authorities Probing Possible Sighting of Missing Oregon Mom in Washington

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Jennifer Huston's husband, Kallen Huston, and father, Bill Turner, spoke with Tucker Carlson this morning on Fox and Friends about both their frustration at being unable to watch the surveillance video due to potential sensitive information and the lack of overall development in the investigation.

Huston explained that they have not been able to watch the tape because it needs to be cleared through the Department of Homeland Security and the Washington Stage Patrol before they can release it to the public.

Turner, a former homicide detective, added that there are likely many regulatory protocols to go through before the various agencies involved hand the video over.

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Huston said he is hopeful about any leads in the case, but is somewhat skeptical of this supposed sighting of his missing wife.

“For her to travel upwards of 300 miles from our house – to take a week to do that – and not be sighted or spotted through any traffic cams or any surveillance or anything just seems a little far-fetched,” he said.

Turner said they have no theories whatsoever, and they are really just grasping at straws.

“Without the use of video that’s going to help pinpoint her direction, as far as which way she was traveling, we really don't have any direction to go in until somebody sees the vehicle or sees Jennifer, and it's confirmed.”

Watch the clip above.

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