On America's Newsroom today, Jonah Goldberg reacted to a Washington Times report that revealed the FBI plans to hire a contractor to monitor media coverage and grade stories about the agency based on content and tone of coverage.

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News stories about the FBI will be rated as “positive,” “neutral” or “negative,” but the agency won't say why or how it plans to use the information.

Goldberg said this is a bad idea because the Department of Justice – and the entire Obama administration – haven't earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to transparency. He called for the agency to be transparent and state the aim of this media surveillance.

Hemmer quoted from the the FBI contract proposal Statement of Work, “This service shall allow personnel to have better situational awareness as well as support both proactive and reactive public communications strategies."

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Goldberg translated, “That’s Washington speak for, ‘We want to spend money on something cool, so we can read clips about ourselves.’”

With the public's distrust of domestic surveillance, the war on drugs and law enforcement in general, this could be the FBI's attempts at a PR makeover.

Goldberg reiterated that the FBI should be forthcoming with their goals and added that if they are trying to get positive PR, this is “a really dumb way to do it.”

Watch the clip above.