Donald Trump called in to Fox and Friends at his weekly Monday morning time to respond to some backlash that he triggered with tweets about an American doctor who returned to the U.S. this weekend after being infected with the Ebola virus.

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Trump argued on Twitter that the United States should not allow anyone known to be infected with Ebola to enter the country.

Anna Kooiman asked Trump about the tweets, noting that doctors like Brantly are overseas trying to save lives.

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“They are great people. They're tremendous people. But they have to suffer the consequences. They go and they try and help other people, but things like this happen," said Trump, expressing a lack of faith in the CDC's ability to control the virus.

"Our country has enough problems. Send the doctors to Liberia. Send the doctors to West Africa to take care of our people. It's one thing. But don't let them in," he said, calling for a ban on flights into the U.S. from West African nations like Liberia.

He expressed concern that people will flee those countries, unaware that they're carrying the virus.

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"If you look at the AIDS epidemic, it started very small and then all of a sudden it grew and grew and we have to this day, a massive problem with that. This all started from a very, very small sample," he argued.

In addition to critics, Trump pointed out that he's seeing a lot of support on Twitter for what he's proposing.

In the clip above, Trump also discusses the growing popularity of Mitt Romney and the controversy surrounding the NYPD.

Plus, read the latest developments on the Ebola outbreak at, including on an African summit beginning today in D.C. amid fears about the virus.

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