A North Dakota mother has punished her teen daughter by selling her Katy Perry concert tickets on Facebook.

“Daughter is a spoiled brat and doesn’t deserve these tickets,” Cindy Bjerke wrote in her posting.

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The tickets sold in less than five minutes.

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Read more on the story from local station WDAZ-TV.

A Fargo teenager is learning a hard lesson after her mother sold her Katy Perry tickets through a Facebook garage sale group as punishment, but the mom's parenting techniques are drawing some criticism.

Cindy Bjerke's 18-year-old daughter had section 50 seats to the Katy Perry concert, but because of some so-called disrespectful behavior, the teen will have to miss out on the pop star. 

“I was not going to give her the tickets... I was not going to let her go to this concert with this behavior that she's been doing.”

But it was the way Bjerke sold the tickets that's coming under fire.

She posted a short ad to the Fargo-Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page.

Bjerke: “I had a header that said, 'spoiled brat daughter doesn't deserve these tickets... For sale.'”

That header is drawing some criticism from other parents.


While some of the parents I talked to here in downtown Fargo think the tactic was a little too extreme, Bjerke says her post had more than 200 likes and plenty of supportive posts before the site's administrator removed it.

Bjerke: “Most of it has been overwhelming support, and I think that a lot of parents are like me, where they feel like they're being bullied on how they should parent their own children.”

The flurry of comments prompted the page's administrator to remove the post, saying it detracts from buying and selling.

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