Mike Huckabee last night said that Israel is being asked to do what no American would do if faced with threats to their children.

“The new term used by the village idiots to pressure Israel to surrender to the terrorists of Hamas is ‘disproportionate response,’” Huckabee said, slamming those who condemn Israel and say it should show restraint.

“John Kerry oughta be renamed ‘the shakiest gun in the West’ for his blundering efforts to protect the terrorists and punish the good guys. It’s a miracle that his response to 9/11 wasn’t to blame New York for building the World Trade Center towers so high that it made it easy to fly airplanes into them,” he said.

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Huckabee said he wondered if “Jew haters” would feel better if Israel was bad at defending itself.

“Israel has no choice but to disarm Hamas completely,” he said.

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