Ten people were killed and more than three dozen others were injured after a U.N. school in Gaza was hit by an airstrike.

According to a U.N. official, the airstrike came from Israel, though the Israel military had no immediate comment.

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Israel Signals Scaling Back of Operations in Gaza

Yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would do whatever it takes to restore peace to Israel, while also signaling a possible scaling back of operations.

Watch John Huddy’s live report from the Gaza border above. Below, read more from FoxNews.com.

"We have indeed scaled down some of the presence and indeed urged Palestinians in certain neighborhoods to come back to their homes," said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a military spokesman.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack near the Rafah school as both "a moral outrage and a criminal act." 

Several Israeli tanks and other vehicles were seen leaving Gaza a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested troops would reassess operations after completing the demolition of Hamas tunnels under the border. Security officials said the tunnel mission was winding down and Israel would soon be taking its troops out of the strip.