Israel today signaled that it is scaling back operations in Gaza, but will not stop its fight against Hamas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel has discovered and dismantled many tunnels. Israel says that Hamas’ weaponry has come from Iran.

Fmr. Israeli Amb.: 'Hamas Is Responsible for Palestinian and Israeli Casualties'

Netanyahu vowed to bring peace back to Israel.

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In a speech in Israel that was essentially a pep talk for residents beleaguered by the destruction and death toll of the weeks-long fight, Netanyahu have no indication of moving toward a permanent cease-fire with the Hamas, as Islamic militant group.

The 26 days of fighting were sparked by the killing in June of three Israeli teens apparently at the hands of Hamas-backed Palestinians, which resulted in the killing of three Arab Palestinians teens. Hamas then fired rockets into Israel from Gaza, which prompted Israel to respond with a land, sea and air attack.

Netanyahu also praised the efforts of his Israeli fighter, calling them “heroes” and expressing sorrow for the families of the innocent victims killing in the fighting.

Israeli Cabinet minister Yuval Steinitz said earlier that Israel won't send a delegation to proposed truce talks in Cairo. Speaking to Israel's Channel 10 television station, he alleged that Hamas has repeatedly violated previous cease-fire deals and that this "leads us to the conclusion that with this organization there is no point speaking" about any deal.

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Conor Powell reported live from Gaza City on the conflict. Watch his report above. Below, hear Netanyahu’s remarks.