President Obama addressed the immigration debate from the White House this afternoon, slamming House Republicans for trying to pass legislation that they know will never become law.

He said there is about "80 percent" agreement between the two sides on solutions to the border crisis, but "instead of working together ... House Republicans are trying to pass the most extreme and unworkable versions of a bill that they already know is going nowhere."

Obama argued that House Republicans know their proposal won't pass the Senate and even if it did, would be vetoed.

"They're not even trying to actually solve the problem. This is a message bill they couldn't quite pull off yesterday so they made it a little more extreme so maybe they can pass it today. Just so they can check a box before they're leaving town for a month. And this is on an issue that they all insisted had to be a top priority," said Obama, adding that "administrative" efforts so far have helped stem the tide of child migrants.

Obama noted that Republicans are suing him for taking executive actions, but then on immigration, suggest he should act on his own because they can't pass a bill. He spoke of having to make "tough choices" while Congress is on recess because the resources are unavailable to solve the border problem.

Watch the full statement above.

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