After delivering a statement in the White House briefing room today, President Obama took several questions, including one asking for an update on the Israel-Gaza Conflict in the wake of Hamas breaking the cease-fire and reportedly capturing an Israeli solider.

Obama noted that he has unequivocally condemned Hamas and those responsible for killing two Israeli soldiers and capturing a third shortly after the cease-fire was announced. He called for that captive soldier to be unconditionally released immediately.

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The president reiterated that Israel has right to defend itself.

"No country can tolerate missiles raining down on its cities and people having to rush to bomb shelters every 20 minutes or half-hour," Obama said. "No country can or would tolerate tunnels being dug under their land that could be used to launch terrorist attacks."

Obama also said innocent civilians in Gaza caught in the crossfire have to weigh on our conscience, and we have to do more to protect them.

He said a cease-fire is one way we could stop the violence killing, but now that Hamas has broken it, it will be challenging to set up another.

Obama added that it's a difficult dilemma trying to balance Israel's right to defend itself with the need to defend innocent civilians.

Watch the president speak in the clip above.