The Department of Homeland Security is reporting that illegal immigrant children are exposing federal agents to scabies, chick pox and tuberculosis.  

Today on Varney & Co., former Governor Mike Huckabee said he would send those children back to Central America, not just because they may have infectious diseases, but because there isn’t a “legitimate reason” for the United States to be taking people that it isn’t prepared to receive.

Huckabee told Stuart Varney, “We don’t have a process, we don’t have a border.”

He reasoned that every time we spend taxpayer dollars on children who have come to the U.S. illegally, that money should be deducted from the aid a country receives from the our government.

“They need to decide how they want it spent – on our side of the border or their side of the border,” the Gov said, adding that the U.S. may not have the “guts” to do that.

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Huckabee noted that he wouldn’t send someone back without first knowing if they are escaping violence. As for the argument that it’s “un-Christian” to send undocumented immigrants back, Huckabee said the purpose of government is not to redistribute other people’s money.

“Is it un-Christian to say you’re not welcome? No,” he said. “I have a moral obligation as a Christian to help people who are hungry, to help people who are poor, to help people who are orphaned – and I want to do that as a Christian. But as a government, the government is not a charitable institution.” 

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