Ninety minutes into a cease-fire in Gaza, violence erupted between Hamas and Israel as United States officials say Hamas broke the truce, killing two Israeli soldiers. There are reports that Hamas’ military wing is claiming that a missing Israeli soldier was killed as a result of an Israeli bomb.

In a press conference on Friday, President Obama condemned Hamas and defended Israel’s right to dismantle tunnel networks while reducing the bloodshed. The president also defended Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts to broker a cease-fire deal.

Son of Hamas Founder: 'Obama Needs to Stand By Israel'

Tonight on The Kelly File, former Israel Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, spoke to Megyn about the situation in Gaza.

Oren said that Hamas is trying to walk back claims that the soldier was taken hostage only after the world condemned them for violating the cease-fire.

He added, “Listening to a spokesman from Hamas is like listening to a spokesman from Al Qaeda. No great amount of credibility there.”

Oren also told Megyn Kelly that a successful cease-fire will hopefully lead to the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

“The idea is that this round of fighting has to put an end to this cycle in which the terrorists get rockets, they fire them at Israeli civilians [...] and then when Israel goes to defend itself, we have to fight an enemy like Hamas that hides behind a civilian population, […] and then the terrorists use that cease-fire to get more rockets,” Oren said.

Megyn asked Oren how long Israel can continue its campaign against Hamas while Palestinian children are being used has human shields.

Oren responded, “Let me be totally clear about this, […] the reality is a tragedy. And the Palestinian casualties in this war, like the Israeli causalities in this war, are all victims of Hamas. Hamas started the war, Hamas carried out the war.”

He said the war ends with a decisive Hamas defeat in which it cannot replenish its rockets.