This story sounds like it can't be true, but on Fox and Friends today we heard from a North Carolina woman whose Land Rover was seized from her home by federal agents. Jennifer Brinkley has no idea where her SUV is now, saying she's working with a lawyer to try to get it back.

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Brinkley said the agents didn't even know the reasoning behind the seizure because the case was sealed, but told her it might be related to the vehicle failing to meet Clean Air Act emissions standards.

The federal investigation was reportedly targeting dozens of illegally imported vehicles.

Brinkley bought the iconic 1985 Land Rover Defender online and had spent more than $60,000 on the vehicle before it was seized by local law enforcement and DHS agents in bullet-proof vests.

She said she had a title for the vehicle and did enough work on it that it would have passed inspection. Brinkley said the warrant presented to her had the name of a previous owner on it.

"There were 40 seized that day all over the United States," Brinkley said, adding that she's in "disbelief" that her property could just be taken.

Brinkley, whose father served in the military, described the ordeal as "scary," adding that it makes her question the ideals that her father fought for.

Watch her go over the unbelievable story above.

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