On America's Newsroom today, Bill Hemmer reported on the heartwarming story of "Batkid," the five-year-old who battled leukemia became a superhero for a day last November.

This morning, Hemmer spoke to filmmaker Dana Nachman, who is working on the film "Batkid Begins," a documentary that shows all the effort that went into Batkid's – who is known by day as Miles Scott – special day on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the city of San Francisco and 25,000 volunteers who showed up to cheer him on.

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"Batkid Begins" is still in post-production, and Nachman said they hope to have a cut of the film for the one-year anniversary of Batkid's big day on November 15. They are accepting donations via crowd-funding to help finish the film and complete all the finishing touches.

Nachman shared the tremendous news that Scott and his family have been told by doctors that his leukemia is in remission.

Nachman called Scott an amazing, magnetic and self-assured little boy who knows what he wants. When the Make-A-Wish Foundation offered him a chance to do anything, she said, "He just chose to be Batman for the day and have good conquer evil. I just think that’s an amazing thing for a child to want.”

“A crowd made the day big, and we’re hoping that a crowd can help us finish it,” Nachman said.

Watch the clip above.

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