Fighting in Gaza between Israeli forces and Hamas militants is intensifying Thursday, with Israel vowing to complete its mission of destroying terrorists' cross-border tunnels. The Israeli military announced Thursday that it had called up 16,000 reservists.

Meanwhile, commentators in Israel are targeting Secretary of State John Kerry, arguing his cease-fire proposals are far too favorable to Hamas. One newspaper called Kerry's proposals "embarrassing" and a Haaretz piece referred to him as "naive."

Tucker Carlson went after Kerry on Outnumbered this afternoon, saying the former senator "has no idea what he's doing." Carlson characterized the Obama administration's actions during the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas as "amateur."

He said, however, that he's "more comfortable" when the criticism comes from the United States, pointing out that Israel gets billions in aid and "should listen" to the United States' position during these conflicts.

"I'm happy to criticize him. I think he's a bit of a buffoon here. It's just, I'm more comfortable when Americans criticize him. I'm happy to criticize the administration's hostility toward Israel which I disagree with completely," said Carlson.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said Kerry's actions beg the question of whether President Obama wants Israel and Hamas "on equal footing."

"From where I'm sitting, it doesn't look like Israel can count on anybody else [except itself]," she said.

Carlson pushed back, noting that the U.S. Congress just moved to appropriate $250 million for missile defense in Israel.

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