House lawmakers voted in favor of authorizing a lawsuit against President Obama on Wednesday. Speaker of the House John Boehner announced last month that he planned on filing a suit against the administration over its alleged abuse of executive actions.

Today on Your World, Judge Andrew Napolitano explained what happens next.

He told Neil Cavuto that the House will file a complaint, but the president’s lawyers will not answer. Instead, they’ll file a motion to the judge asking for the complaint to be dismissed and that motion will be granted.

"In a dispute between two political branches, […] no judge is going to tell the president how to do his job. We may disagree with the way he does the job, but he’s the president,” Judge Napolitano said, adding that the constitutional remedy is impeachment.

Judge Napolitano went on to say that President Obama is either “incompetent or lawless.” However, he agreed with Democrats that this lawsuit is a political stunt.

“I would say to Republicans in the House – many of whom are friends of mine – would you spend your own money on legal fees when you knew it was a losing cause, and they’d say ‘no,’” the judge said. “Why are you spending taxpayer dollars on it? It’s going to be dismissed.”