Earlier today, House Republicans were unable to garner enough support for legislation aimed at dealing with the border crisis. In the meantime, President Obama is reportedly prepared to issue an executive action that could allow amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants.

Tonight on The Kelly File, Charles Krauthammer said that if the president takes this action, it would be a “gross violation of the Constitution.”

Krauthammer noted that President Obama has already "unilaterally and lawlessly" acted on immigration by declaring that minors who came to the United States can stay.

He said House Republicans’ lawsuit against the president is a way to corral him, but added that there is “zero chance” he will be impeached because it’s “political suicide.”

Instead, Krauthammer said the GOP should focus on electing a Republican to the White House.

“Executive order can be reversed, and I think it would be the first order of business for a Republican upon election in 2017,” he said.