Fighting in Gaza between Israeli forces and Hamas militants is intensifying Thursday, with Israel vowing to complete its mission of destroying terrorists' cross-border tunnels. The Israeli military announced Thursday that it had called up 16,000 reservists.

Bill Hemmer talked to Israel's former U.N. Amb. Dan Gillerman on the latest developments. He said Israel has destroyed more than 15 of the roughly 35 tunnels they've uncovered, but believes "many" more are still left to be found.

He reiterated that the offensive will not stop until all of the "death tunnels" are found and destroyed. Gillerman pointed out that the tunnels are dug from mosques and hospitals, while Hamas stores rockets at U.N. schools.

"You know, Golda Mayir said all those years ago that 'there will not be peace until the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us' and obviously this has not happened," said Gillerman, asking Hemmer how Americans would feel if they had to deal with tunnels that ran right under their homes.

"What would they do if they woke up one morning to find a tunnel under their children's bedroom with masked men rising out of it in order to kill your wife and kidnap your children. This is the reality that the citizens in the south of Israel are living with. ... That is why we will not stop despite all the demands for a cease-fire," said Gillerman.

On reports that another U.N. school was hit by Israel, Gillerman said anytime civilians are killed it's a "horrible tragedy," but added that Hamas celebrates when innocent Israelis are killed.

Hemmer asked how long the offensive will go on. Gillerman said the Israeli public is "united" with the government to finish the job in Gaza and noted support from the U.S., Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

He added that even Palestinians in the West Bank want to see Hamas destroyed.

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