This story of brotherly love will warm your hearts. A young athlete decided to complete a mini-triathlon with his little brother who cannot walk or speak and is partially deaf.

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Eight-year-old Noah Aldrich completed the course with six-year-old Lucas. He swam, biked and ran all while carrying Lucas with him.  

Their mother, Alissa Aldrich, said her boys are an inspiration to others.

She said, “It’s just amazing to see the love between the brothers and the willingness of Noah – that he wants to do something like this […] in an event that most kids with special needs would never get to do.”

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Lucas was born with lissencephaly.

"They said he'd be non-verbal, be in a wheelchair, not be able to eat, and have a shortened life span," said mom Alissa. "He's doing way better than we ever expected."

Alissa is already creating a legacy for her special son - a non-profit called Lucas House.


The Aldrich family heard about the YMCA Kids Club Program - and a kids triathlon. That's when Noah had an idea.

"He said Mom, I want to do this with my brother," said Alissa. "That's where the idea was born and I think the next day we started training."

The boys trained hard for the big race - running, biking and swimming together to get ready, Noah pushed and pulled his brother right along with him.

When the big day came, Team Lucas House was ready to roll.

Noah swam, biked, and ran, all with his little brother in tow. It was exhausting, and an incredible show of strength and love for his little brother.

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