With relations between the Republican-controlled House and President Obama at their lowest point ever, Bill O’Reilly examined if Republicans “hate” President Obama in this evening's Talking Points Memo.

O’Reilly noted that yesterday the House voted 225 to 201 – strictly down party lines – to sue the president in federal court for failing to implement the provisions of ObamaCare.

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“The Factor” host agreed with the earlier comments of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said that the lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer money because it has no hope of success.

Republicans, however, argue that the president should be held accountable for over-stepping his authority, and he does not have the right to make or enforce laws selectively.

O’Reilly cited a new Fox News poll that reveals 58% of Americans believe Obama has exceeded his authority under the Constitution, while only 37% say he has not.

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“From the beginning conservative Americans were suspect of President Obama, who is the most liberal president this country has ever had,” O’Reilly said.

“His philosophy of social justice and income redistribution puts him in a position where détente is difficult with the right,” he continued, adding that the poor performance of the American economy and the president’s distaste for playing the political game have increased partisan bitterness.

O’Reilly said the president understands that Republicans don't trust him, and – with administration’s current approval ratings – it would clearly be political suicide for any GOP congressperson to support him.

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The president sees that staunch opposition as a way to blame his failures on Congress, as he has done recently with the border crisis, according to O’Reilly. In the meantime, he said the Republican Party will delay any cooperation, hoping the State of the Union will anger voters enough to swing the Senate to the Republican side this November.

“Party politics will intrude on the public good as vital problems like the border will go unsolved. If President Obama's policies were succeeding, the GOP could not block him effectively,” O’Reilly concluded. “He could appeal directly to you, the people. But Mr. Obama's vision has failed at home and abroad.”

“So now he has only his core supporters left and a House of Representatives that will defy him on almost everything.”

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