A 22-year-old Florida man who blew himself up in Syria several weeks ago is believed to be the first American suicide jihadist.

“You think you are safe – you are not safe. […] We are coming for you. Mark my words,” Mohammad Abu-Salha was recorded saying in a message to Americans.

It turns out that before the suicide bombing, Salha returned to the United States for months after receiving training in Syria.

Today on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said, “This shows how religious extremism offers a path to losers.”

Dana Perino worried that the next time this could happen on American soil. Andrea Tantaros shared the same concern, saying, “I’m sure there are plenty of terrorists plotting to kill us right now.”

She went on to criticize the Obama administration for being lenient on terrorist groups like Hamas. “We’re screwed. We’re in big trouble. It’s just a matter of time.”