A broken water main gushed for more than three hours in L.A. yesterday, inundating the campus of UCLA and raising some questions about the nation's aging infrastructure. Check out video of the scene above, along with some pictures of the damage below.

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A 93-year-old water pipe burst under Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, sending a geyser of water spewing 30 feet in the air and flooding parking structures and buildings on the UCLA campus, including the school's famed basketball arena, Pauley Pavilion. 

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power General Manager Jim McDaniel said that the 30-inch pipe was shut off at approximately 7 p.m. local time Tuesday, three-and-a-half hours after it burst. McDaniel estimated that between eight and ten million gallons of water had been released, adding that the city of Los Angeles uses an estimated 55 million gallons each day. LADWP spokeswoman Michele Vargas had earlier estimated that the pipe carries an estimated 75,000 gallons of water per minute when functioning. 

There were no reports of injuries or people being trapped by the water, though city fire officials did say that three stranded motorists were safely removed from the area. Firefighters, some using inflatable boats, have saved at least five people who were stranded in underground parking structures.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey told the Associated Press that people saw the water and started rushing down the stairwells to rescue their cars, and authorities had to keep them out as water rose up to the wheel wells of vehicles, many of which were stranded.

The water opened a hole approximately 10 feet in diameter in Sunset Boulevard just north of UCLA's Westwood campus soon after the main broke at approximately 3:30 p.m. Crews were caught in rush hour traffic and did not arrive at the scene until approximately 5 p.m. 

On Tuesday night, at least an inch of water covered the floor of UCLA's basketball area, where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, Reggie Miller and Kevin Love starred and John Wooden coached for 10 years. The arena recently underwent a $132 million renovation that was completed in October 2012.

School officials told KTTV that flooding also affected the university's track and field stadium; an intramural athletic field; the J.D. Morgan Center, which houses athletic staff and administration offices; the George Kneller Academic Center; the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame; and the John Wooden Center.