In this evening's Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly examined the collapse of the United States' southern border.

"I use the word collapse," O'Reilly said, "because when the most powerful nation on earth cannot or will not stop people from illegally entering the United States, our system of border protection has collapsed."

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He said that a few hundred illegal border crossings a year is understandable, but a hundred thousand children this fiscal year alone constitutes a catastrophe.

O'Reilly cited a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute that asked more than a thousand American adults questions about the border crisis.

Seventy percent believed the U.S. should offer shelter and support to the children at the border while beginning a process to determine whether they should be deported or not, while 26 percent favored deporting them immediately.

Fifty-nine percent said the U.S. allowing the children to stay will encourage and increase illegal immigration, while 39 percent disagreed.

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Finally, 58 percent were in favor of allowing illegal immigrants a path to become citizens, provided they meet certain requirements, while 22 percent said identify and deport them, and 17 percent said allow them to become permanent legal residents but not citizens.

"The Factor" host said this shows that Americans are a compassionate people, but also understand that not controlling our southern border is a magnet for illegal aliens.

He said that no president has ever even tried to secure the southern border, a politically motivated move. "The absolute dereliction of duty on the part of all presidents and Congress is appalling, and we the people are suffering along with defenseless children," O'Reilly said.

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Although most illegal immigrants are hard-working and good people, according to O'Reilly, 50 percent of families headed by an immigrant receive some form of welfare, non-English-speaking children put a tremendous strain on the public school system, and foreign gangs run criminal enterprises all over the country.

He reminded us that he has already posted his solution on and concluded that illegal immigration needs to be controlled.

"Bottom line: we need to stop illegal immigration into the USA cold."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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