A missing Oregon mother was seen on store surveillance video purchasing trail mix, Gatorade and over-the-counter sleeping pills right before she disappeared.

Today on Fox and Friends, Jennifer Huston's father, Bill Turner, who is a former homicide detective, and husband, Kallen Huston, talked about the 38-year-old mother of two who was last seen a week ago.

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Turner and Huston don't want to imagine foul play at this point without evidence and can't imagine that the sleeping pills were intended for anything other than headaches she had been experiencing, according to Mr. Huston.

Former Washington D.C. homicide detective Rod Wheeler joined Martha MacCallum later on America's Newsroom to discuss what these new clues could mean.

Wheeler said this is a significant turn in the investigation because the most important information may not necessarily come from the 24 hours after she disappeared, but the 24 hours before.

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The investigators don't want to single out the husband as a suspect, according to Wheeler, but it is their responsibility to look at every possibility.

After listening to the husband's press conference, Wheeler said he raised his eyebrows when he heard several if/then statements, along with what he sees as an overemphasis on his cooperation with authorities.

Watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck's interview with the family below and Wheeler's take above.