A “Special Report” panel tonight discussed the House’s approval of a lawsuit against President Barack Obama which claims that he abused his executive power. The House backed the suit 225-201.

Charles Krauthammer called it a “very serious issue” and said that Democrats will likely regret that they didn’t take Obama’s “unprecedented” overreach on domestic issues more seriously.

He said “there’s a very strong argument” that Obama overreached by creating, ignoring and changing laws.

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Charles Lane said that House Republicans are suing to enforce part of ObamaCare – a law they say should be repealed anyway.

“Impeachment is the prescribed constitutional remedy when you think a president has overstepped his bounds, violated his oath […] which is what they claim that he has done but they don’t have the political wherewithal to go with that,” he said.

He said that this move is like shutting down the government – a wild gesture that pleases the base.

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Lane asked: why didn’t the founders put in the Constitution that you can sue the president for medium crimes?

“They did not have a provision for every eventuality, you can actually improvise, and this is a way to improvise in a way that would be less than impeachment,” Krauthammer responded.

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