Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the United States, was on “Special Report” where he responded to a statement from the UNRWA commissioner, who condemned the shelling of a school in Gaza.

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The statement reads, in part:

We have visited the site and gathered evidence. We have analysed fragments, examined craters and other damage. Our initial assessment is that it was Israeli artillery that hit our school, in which 3,300 people had sought refuge. We believe there were at least three impacts. It is too early to give a confirmed official death toll. But we know that there were multiple civilian deaths and injuries, including of women and children and the UNRWA guard who was trying to protect the site.  These are people who were instructed to leave their homes by the Israeli army.  

The precise location of the Jabalia Elementary Girls School and the fact that it was housing thousands of internally displaced people was communicated to the Israeli army seventeen times,  to ensure its protection; the last being at  ten to nine last night, just hours before the fatal shelling. 

I condemn in the strongest possible terms this serious violation of international law by Israeli forces. 

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Dermer said he does not know the facts surrounding the shelling, but said that this is the third time that they have found rockets stored at UNRWA schools. He also said that UNRWA workers are giving the rockets back to Hamas.

“UNRWA is a relief workers association. It’s not supposed to be a rocket warehouse,” Dermer said.

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