Tonight on “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld spoke about the ongoing border crisis and said that those who prefer legal to illegal immigration are often painted as heartless by pro-amnesty types, including President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the media.

Gutfeld explained this is meant to silence people through fear of personal attack. “You don’t want these children with their teddy bears?” he rhetorically asked. “You are Satan. No, you’re worse than Satan, you’re a Republican."

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He pointed out that compassion can often actually harm those it’s intended to help and suggested that if sending these children back to the countries they came from is so terrible, then maybe it would be compassionate to export our values to their countries. But, he said, that's not what pro-amnesty advocates want.

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“In their odd world, everyone should come here. But the very thing they’re coming for, our way of life, shouldn’t be inflicted on others," he said. "It’s an equation that preserves pain beyond our borders as it rattles what's left of our own."

Watch the full monologue and hear the hosts of “The Five” react in the video above.

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