It seems like a trend is emerging in the form of authorities going after parents. For instance, in a new case out of Florida a mother was arrested on a felony charge after she let her 7-year-old son walk by himself to the local park.

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Dominic Gainey was stopped by someone while he walked and police were called to the Port St. Lucie park. Officers then brought Dominic home and charged Nicole Gainey with child neglect.

She had to post a $4,000 bond to get out of jail. Gainey says since her arrest, she has learned from the Department of Children and Families that the charge will likely be dropped.

Gainey said she argued to police that her son always has a cell phone with him so she can check in on him.

Officers felt she had put her son in danger, pointing out that numerous sex offenders live in the area.

Anna Kooiman pointed to two other recent cases that seem to highlight a criminalization of parenthood.

An Ohio dad was arrested last month and lost his job at McDonald's after his 8-year-old son turned up at a park. The boy was supposed to have boarded a church van, but skipped out, unbeknownst to his father.

In another case in South Carolina, a mother was arrested and spent 17 days in jail after she left her nine-year-old daughter to play at a popular neighborhood park while she went to work.

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